Nov 24, 2010

KOTO - KO Tournament Organiser

I recently released my KnockOut Tournament Organiser (short. KOTO) application to the public. The application can be used to help you organise any kind of knockout elimination tournament events (karate, tennis, ...)


  • Intuitive entry form, requiring minimal effort

  • Automatic draw (random, custom)

  • Simple billing system (global entry fee, customizable per category)

  • Draw printing and export to XSLX (customizable XLSX template)

  • Diploma printing (customizable XLSX template)

  • Various printable reports, fully customizable via CSS

  • Automatic version updates
  • The software has been actively developed, maintained and used for the organization of all official karate competitions hosted by the Karate Federation of Slovenia in the past 6 years.

    Requirements: Windows XP +, Microsoft Office 2007 +, .NET Framework 3.5

    If you want to evaluate the application feel free to contact me.

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