Sep 27, 2012

Aggregating Shared Google Reader Posts in the Google+ Era

Ever since Google overhauled the reader and removed the original share button I was searching for a way to get to my shared items in the RSS form. None of the online suggested solutions was acceptable for me so I figured, since I already have ASP.NET hosting, that creating a new site, that would tap into the Google+ API and parse the shared posts as RSS would be the way to go. Fortunately that was very easy to accomplish with a blank ASP.NET MVC solution, some NuGet packages for JSON and REST and a bit of API reference browsing. So, behold the code:



It should be however noted that you need to create a Google API key in their API console.

Now I can finally access my google reader shared items via RSS feed... Again... Hooray!

Apr 4, 2012

ZeroMQ XPUB sockets

Playing around with the new XPUB & XSUB ZeroMQ socket types that allow subscription forwarding, e.g. the producer (XPUB) can track what values he has to produce, which comes in handy when the value production is an expensive operation and the producer cannot afford to produce all values.